Kenya Crops and Dairy Markets Systems Activity

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Kenya Crops and Dairy Markets Systems Activity

This is a USAID funded project through RTI International. The goal is to improve productivity and incomes of smallholder dairy and horticulture farmers by strengthening market systems, resulting in improved nutrition among the farmers and their families focusing on the dairy and horticulture value chains.

CBCC Africa is implementing the social and behaviour change communication component by disseminating nutrition-sensitive messages to the target audience using the Talking Book Innovation. This will ultimately contribute to the reduction of nutritional deficiencies through promotion of consumption of diverse, safe and nutritious foods by the beneficiaries.

The project targets to directly reach 40,000 farmers with nutrition messages with other project beneficiaries being women of reproductive age, children below 2 years, and youth. It is implemented in the four counties of western Kenya i.e. Kakamega, Busia, Bungoma and Vihiga.

  • Education
  • RTI International
  • 2018-2019
  • Four counties