Mass and Digital Media Campaigns for Covid-19 Vaccination Demand Generation

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Vision funded campaign is supporting the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Health Promotion to increase vaccine uptake among eligible city residents. The campaign aims to drive vaccine uptake through mass and digital media campaigns guided by the strategic use of evidence-based communication and social marketing approaches which will promote changes in the knowledge, attitudes, norms, beliefs, and behaviours of Nairobi residents on COVID-19 vaccination for improved uptake.  

The purpose of the campaign is to sensitize Nairobi residents on the need to be vaccinated, while answering questions on how it is done, where and when they can access COVID-19 vaccines. The target audience for the campaign is the general population but with a focus on; Adolescents 12-17, the youth 18-24, men pregnant and lactating women, people with underlying conditions including PLHIV and PLWID.  

The strategies and choice of channels is guided by evidence generated, recommendations and lessons learnt in the last two years of active implementation of COVID-19 programs. The campaign is engaging mass media by building and leveraging on media agencies and amplifying credible voices of health experts by having health workers at the centre of the conversations on TV, radio and town hall meetings.  

Social and Behaviour Change campaign materials utilised are audio products audio visuals and digital kit. The campaign’s social media engagement strategy intends to gain reach through content strategies, moment strategies, influencer strategies and amplification digital media buy.  

Category: Emergencies – Covid 19 

Client: USAID Kenya; World Vision  

Date: 2022 – 2023 

Location: Nairobi County, Kenya