SEEDEQUAL project for Rice and Beans Seed Systems


This project is funded by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). It focuses on social and behaviour change interventions for scaling equitable access to rice and common bean quality seeds to smallholder farmers, women and young farmers in Butaleja District, Eastern Uganda along the rice and bean value chain. It addresses the persistent challenge of limited access to quality agricultural inputs, particularly high-quality seeds in Uganda. The project aims to empower smallholder farmers, women, and youth, enhance seed access and utilization, and contribute to increased agricultural productivity, livelihoods, and food security in Butaleja District and beyond. A critical aspect of this project is the appreciation of social norms, gender norms, social conditions, and practices around the production, processing, trading, and consumption of beans and rice in the target area, surrounding counties, and Uganda. By implementing evidence-based strategies and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, the project seeks to create a sustainable seed system that benefits all members of the agricultural community.

Category: Agriculture

Client: IRRI

Value chain: Rice and beans

Duration: Sept 2023 to Nov 2024

Location: Butaleja, Eastern Uganda.