About Us

About us

We are a behaviour change solutions provider

Centre for Behaviour Change and Communication (CBCC) is an organisation that was established in 2011. We are committed to achieving transformation of communities by providing comprehensive Social and Behaviour Change (SBC) solutions for the public and private sectors. We do this through innovative and evidence-based interventions that address change at multiple levels and contribute towards SBC policy development and practice in Kenya and beyond.
In our quest to bring about lasting and impactful societal change we always take human centred approaches to ensure we develop solutions that meet the needs of our audiences. We have demonstrated expertise in programmes design, planning, implementation, evaluation, training, capacity strengthening and research.
We provide locally driven solutions grounded in research, evidenced based approaches and strengthened partnerships.

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We are an all-round agency that uses proven SBC approaches.

We use data to inform all our service interventions and for learning in order to have the most efficient means of delivering effective community implementation.

We provide social and behaviour change (SBC) solutions across all sectors. SBC is a proven, systematic and evidence-based process that aims to bring about lasting and impactful change to individuals and communities. SBC approaches have formed the basis for behaviour change interventions for many years in the health sector (influencing uptake of health services, counselling among others). In recent years other sectors such as agriculture, education, governance, environment, road safety and financial services have begun to appreciate the central role of SBC in influencing consumer behaviour and creating demand for products and services.

By harnessing social and behaviour change theories and approaches we have been able to successfully execute social and behaviour change interventions in health, agriculture, education, insurance, financial services sectors and seeds systems. We are developing interventions for other sectors such as road safety, manufacturing, tourism and wildlife, governance, environment, democracy, gender and child protection among others.

We are a one stop shop for SBC solutions. Our solutions include Badili, Tathmini, DigiRedio, DigiKundi, DigiHabari, DigiSinema, SBC Training Hub and CBCC Africa our development arm.
We partner with international and local organizations, national and county governments in providing effective SBC solutions.

We constantly strive to design and implement behaviour enabling solutions and programmes that are cost effective, measurable and impactful. We have a track record of successfully delivering on solutions for some audiences that are traditionally out of the reach of contemporary programmes such as low literacy communities and hard to reach communities in rural areas. Our programmes integrate and invest in effective SBC interventions that facilitate high impact achievements and efforts to address the SDGs.


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Counties In Kenya
1 +
Individuals Trained On SBC Implementation
Countries Worked In East Africa
Research Projects
1 +
Projects & Campaigns Implemented
1 Million
Lives Touched
1 +
Audio, Print & Video Materials Developed
1 +
Polices & Guidelines Implemented

We use most efficient means of delivering effective community implementation.

Our Partners

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We have spent 9+ years working with some of the most recognised and successful organisations from Kenya and across the world.