IFDC 2SCALE Programme

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IFDC 2SCALE Programme

This was a project funded by IFDC through the 2SCALE project and implemented by CBCC in Kasese, Uganda and Meru in Kenya in 2016 – 2017. CBCC implemented SBC through the Digisomo Talking Books Programme among the Shalem sorghum farmers in Meru and Nyakatonzi Cotton farmers in Kasese. The Shalem partnership aimed to develop competitive smallholder driven sorghum cluster value chain supplying quality produce in large quantities to the various market segments by facilitating farmer mobilization, training and helping strengthen the supply chain to deliver agro-inputs, improve aggregation efficiency and accelerate payments to farmers. In Uganda it was aimed at providing support for farmer mobilization, training of farmers and extension staff, and links to input suppliers and investors in order to increase yields of several oilseed crops, ensuring year-round supplies and minimizing price fluctuations.

  • Health
  • IFDC
  • 2016-2017
  • Kasese, Uganda and Meru, Kenya