Busia Success Story: Complemenatry feeding

Infant and Young Child Nutrition has been a major challenging task to most caregivers and especially young mothers in most households, as they keep on wondering which is the best kind of diet for their young ones especially when introducing solids to them to weaning assist them grow healthy.

Most caregivers and young mothers have inadequate know-how on the requirements of an infant’s diet for instance, Frequency, amount, thickness, variety and hygiene. Usually, Infants and Young children have a poor appetite, this pauses a major dilemma to them. This has made many caregivers and young mothers to try out various options to feed their children including forcing them to eat and finish various amounts in serving.

Milscent Awour with her child sharing her change story to CBCC Staff after attending Agri Nutrition training while holding her baby

Milscent Awuor is 28 years old a mother of two children and a resident of Boro Kisumo village, Marachi West Ward in Butula Sub-county of Busia County. She has also been faced with a dilemma of introducing foods to her child at 6 months as her child always does not want to feed or feeds quite poorly.

Milscent is a member of Upendo SHG in her village registered with the department of culture and Social Services and has a total of 27 members out of whom 22 are women. The group was recruited under the Kenya Crops and Dairy Marketing Systems Activity and trained on Agri-Nutrition by CBCC Africa in October 2020.

Milscent attended all Agri-Nutrition modules. She narrates that, after undertaking the Agri-nutrition trainings, her child feeding practices have changed including how she prepares the food for her little one. She now feeds her child small amounts of food but frequently, coupled with food variety without forcing him to eat. She has noticed a steady improvement in her child’s appetite and growth. She is a happy mother and confident of spreading the message to her peers who still practice poor old feeding ways to their children to change.

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