Bungoma: Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Water sanitation and hygiene has been a major challenge in most households in Kenya. This has made it a nightmare for most adults,caregivers and guardians to maintain required standards of hygiene at their homes, therefore leading to increased illness cases related to poor sanitation and hygiene.

Phylis N. Wanjala, 29 years old a mother of two children. Phyllis is a resident of Sanko village, Maeni Ward in Kimilili Sub-county of Bungoma County, has also been faced with sanitation and hygiene related illnesses in her household on several occasions over a period of time.

Phylis is a member of Salama women group in her village registered with the department of culture and Social Services. The group was recruited from the Kenya Crops and Dairy Marketing Systems Activity grant partners and trained on Agri-Nutrition by CBCC Africa in December 2020, under Feed the Future Kenya Crops and Dairy Marketing Systems Activity. Currently, the group has 55 members whom 28 are women

Phylis attended all the 14 Agri-Nutrtion modules. She narrates that, after successfully undertaking the agri-nutrition trainings, she has come to understand the critical times one should be washing hands, how to do it and when to do it. She happily narrates that she has even installed a tippy tap and she ensures it always has clean water and soap on standby. Furthermore, she says she now saves the money used for treatment and channels it to improve the family diet and her time to do other useful household tasks.

Phylis Wanjala, washing her hands through the recommended steps using her installed tippy tap at her home

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