The Voice of Social & Behaviour Change

DigiRedio is our SBC Platform designed to facilitate dialogue between multi-sector players and the public to educate, amplify community voices, catalyse action, create social accountability, enhance participation at all levels for sustainable development primarily through a network of radios and social groups.

DigiRedio utilizes a highly organized Two-way community engagement mechanism. DigiRedio enhances community engagement and amplifies community voices and action through the CBCC’s 5 C’s. a) Contextualized conversations: that include design and execution of context specific engagements and responses, b) Community solutions: because we believe that challenges are best identified and interrupted at the community level. c) Credible and trusted persons: we leverage on the critical engagement of credible and trusted persons d) Community voices: we tap community knowledge to find solutions by enlisting and amplifying community voices e) Capacity strengthening, we build capacity of our journalists as our frontline teams for accurate and quality programming

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