Nutritionist puts a smile in the mothers’ lives in Mathare North Health Clinic

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We pass through the MCH clinic to the nutritionist consultation room. A line of mothers with weak children is building up. They are awaiting their turn to see Margaret Mukunjura new nutrition officer. It is her second day here and she is already quit busy. She started off are morning with a nutrition talk at the MCH clinic. Mary Gikaru a nutrition intern at Vision People In Mission Clinic in Kasarani, first assignment this morning is to collect IEC material, the National Policy on and packets of MNPs from Mathere North Health Center the distribution point. Mukunjura is the Officer to attend to her. Gikaru uses this opportunity to learn more about MNPs in order to give health talks at her clinic. “Mothers are asking for MNPs for their children 6-23months. I have to learn to give them the correct information.” She tells CBCC as she scans through a of sachet MNPs.

Margaret Mukunjura the nutrition office enlightens Mary Gakuru an intern on MNPS at Mathare North Health Clinic.

“Our children are malnourished with Standard Deviation of negative two according to latest studies. We give MPNs regardless of the nutrition status. We have records of improve appetite on the children so far.” Says Margaret Mukunjura.

Magaret Mukunjura sorts out MNP IEC materials

Boaz is malnourished. Mama Boaz says he has been giving him pumpkins, potatoes and porridge today she will receive MPNs to supplement his diet. However Margaret advises her to give a balance diet including eggs fish, liver and lengumes.

Boaz Awino is one year and six months but he seems too weak. She cries all the time. Mukunjura asserts that children who are malnourishes are usually miserable. They also have delayed milestones.” The risks can be reduced with proper use of MNPs.” Yusuf Dira is yet another Kenyan child facing the risk of malnutrion. Her mother a resident of Mathare North area is currently not employed and deeps of her eldely mother for her and her son’s upkeep. “Sometimes we go hungry” she says pitifully. Yusuf Dira is among many Kenyan children whose future is at stake due deficiency in of essential nutrients. Today his mother has received health education on MNPs from Mukunjura . Mukunjura insisted to his mother that MNPs do not replace the daily dietary requirements but supplements it for better results.“You have to work hard to be able to feed him well”

Mukunjura adds that training on how to distribute MNPs should be emphasized to community health workers who are more in touch with mothers and their children.

Yusuf Diran clings to her mother for some comfort as her mother listens to nutritional advice

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