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The Power of Improved Seeds (Joachim)

Meet Joachim, a farmer and father of 5. He was once an out grower seed producer for Mbozi Highland Seed Company and lives in Ukwile village in Songwe. Before the AVISA project, Joachim had limited knowledge on improved groundnut seeds of new variety and good agronomic practices in groundnut farming.…
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Whole school approach the way to go in reaching

Right from the start, Biotisho was evidently a vast and ambitious program. What with the intention of reaching three thousand adolescents in Samburu Central! 1 . The whole school approach enabled the program to reach a critical mass of adolescents. While it would have seemed reasonable, under those circumstances, to…
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Adolescent Peer Groups drive Biotisho success

Getting pregnant and consequently dropping out of school has traditionally knocked the stuffing out of many Kenyan girls. The combination of shock and shame, underlain by ostracization by society, has often been a blow so huge that few girls ever again raise their heads and get back to fulfilling their…
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Multi-sectoral approach key to Biotisho success

The Biotisho Adolescent Nutrition Project is a vast undertaking. It was necessary, therefore, for the program, which disseminates, amongst multiple interventions, nutrition education on dietary diversity and helps establish demonstration gardens among school going and out-of-school adolescents in Samburu Central, to adopt a multi-sectoral approach. Biotisho has succeeded in reaching…
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SUCCESS STORY 1. Applying the 360° Agri nutrition training Agripina Mukoyani is one of the beneficiaries of the agrinutrition program under the KCDMS project. She is a married female teacher aged 45 years with 5 children. She comes from Hamisi Sub County in virembe, Vihiga. She states that she is…
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Busia Success Story: Complemenatry feeding

Infant and Young Child Nutrition has been a major challenging task to most caregivers and especially young mothers in most households, as they keep on wondering which is the best kind of diet for their young ones especially when introducing solids to them to weaning assist them grow healthy. Most…
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