Obulesi Bulahi Project

The Obulesi Bulahi (Optimal Caregiving) is a USAID Advancing Nutrition funded project implemented in Navakholo Sub County, Kakamega County between May 2021 to May 2023. Project’s goal is to improve the health and nutrition of women and children, with a focus on outcomes within the first 1,000 days window from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday. The project further seeks to; improve the uptake of high impact nutrition behaviours and practices among caregivers of children under 2 years through innovative Social Behaviour Change (SBC) approaches, strengthen the capacity of service providers to deliver quality information and services and strengthen the coordination and capacity of county and sub-county level managers for improved Maternal, Infant, and Young Child Nutrition (MIYCN) action.  

Grandmothers emerged as key influencers in the lives of their daughters and daughters in law. They influence the feeding habits of mothers and children and were also the main proponents of cultural traditions that inadvertently affect the overall nutrition of the children. This provided an opportunity to use the grandmothers as the main influencers for Obulesi Bulahi. The Kukhu Omukhosi (Cool Grandma) campaign positions the grandmother as the changemaker, whose words the community must heed, but who is also very caring and nurturing and guides her daughters on the right way to protect her health and the health of children from pregnancy to 2 years.  

Category: Health   

Client: USAID Advancing Nutrition  

Date: May 2021- May 2023 

Location: Kakamega, Kenya