Kenya Tukae Chonjo

The Ministry of Health through the National Vaccines and Immunisation Program (NVIP) and Division
of Health Promotion (DHP), with support from USAID, WHO, UNICEF and other partners, is rolling out
a National COVID -19 Demand Creation campaign. CBCC through the campaign, “Kenya Tukae
Chonjo” is engaged in raising awareness on the importance of COVID-19 vaccination and demand
creation while supporting community engagement. The campaign purposes to establish public trust,
confidence, acceptance, and demand for COVID-19 vaccine and encourage high uptake among eligible
populations by providing messages across different channels including national media stations,
community radios, social media, IEC materials and interpersonal communication.
The campaign has a national scope covering all the 47 counties through mass media engagement; while
community-led SBC and intensified demand creation activities are focused on six counties: Bungoma,
Homabay, Kilifi, Makueni, Nakuru and Turkana.

Category: Health
Client: Ministry Of Health
Date: 2020- 2022
Location: Country wide, Kenya